Teamwork makes the dream work! But who’s on your team?

Psychologically speaking, each person has the tendency to take on the traits and behaviours of the five people that they’re closest to. How is your circle affecting your creative process?

Do the people on your team or in your personal life tend to downplay the importance of creativity? Is there a tendency to stick to rigid habits and routines that limit their ability to widen their perspective or gain new knowledge? Do they put down your ideas as “impractical” or “silly”? If so, it might be time to widen or edit your circle!

Surround yourself with people you feel enthusiastic about collaborating with. Then talk to them about your ideas. Gather insight, ponder their suggestions, ask them for opinions. These people should lift you up, make you feel energized, and have their own shortlist of creative projects that they feel passionate about.

After all, we’re social beings, and we crave social support. If your support system isn’t on board with supporting your creativity, then it’s important that you find some people who do. If you’re not able to find anyone in your professional space, go online and start interacting with those who do work that interests you.

Follow their projects, comment on their posts, share compliments on their work—soon enough, you’ll find yourself inspired to engage in that same work yourself.